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Nowadays, it has become common practice to install wireless security camera systems at homes and office buildings to secure the premises against all types of crime. The reason behind the popularity of wireless surveillance devices is the fact that they are really easy to install and operate. Let us find out how wireless security camera systems work.

The wireless camera system is based on transmitter and receiver communication. Sometimes the receivers come in a built-in device. This device is a required component because the receiver is responsible forcapturing the analog signals and converting them into video data. Thisdigital video footage is ideally stored on a system, which allows a later viewing on a monitor. Like the radio, the video feed that the wireless camera system transmits is passed through a frequency that must be readable by both the transmitter and the receiver; without interference. The maximum frequency that most wireless camera systems can read is limited to four cameras per location. It is necessary for the transmitter to be kept within the frequency range of the receiver.If it is taken beyond that range then the signal communication suffers resulting in a scrambled image. Thus, the advantage of maneuverability in such security camera systems is somewhat limited by the transmission range considerations. 

It is important to note here that though wireless security camera systems work efficiently, sometimes the interference factor create static from other electronic devices in the area. The transmitters that come with the security camera systems will first pick up the analog signalsthen pass these signals to the receivers, which in turn will read the analog data as video data thus enabling viewing of the footage through the help of monitor. While the signal can be transmitted without a wire, each of the devices like the camera, monitor, and the receiver, actually works on basic electric supply. So, you’ll still have to deal with a power cable, despite the other conveniences.

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