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Improvements in technology make better gadgets available at cheaper prices, and wireless audio/video systems are no exception. Many security and entertainment systems now benefit from technology that wasn't available to the average consumer just a few years ago.

Wireless audio/video systems are able to manage multiple devices throughout a home or office by sending or receiving information wirelessly. This reduces the clutter and installation associated with wires and cords. There are two main uses for these systems: entertainment and security. Entertainment systems use wireless audio/video technology to unify several devices on a single remote. With receivers placed throughout the house, a user can control TVs, stereos, video recorders and more.

Wireless audio/video systems are particularly useful for security systems because they also do not use wires to transmit information. Wireless audio/video security systems often employ several different devices, including burglar alarms, motion sensors, and more. But by far the most useful device in a wireless audio/video system is the cameras. These cameras can be equipped to capture both images and sound and then transmit them to a central device that will either store the information or burn it onto a DVD. These cameras can be equipped with infrared or night vision as well. One drawback to these wireless audio/video systems is that people nearby, with the necessary equipment, can intercept the images transmitted by the cameras. But overall the wireless technology allows home owners to improve and reconfigure their home security systems in a way that wasn't possible before.

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