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People can never be too safe these days, which is why wireless cameras are becoming so popular. Wireless cameras allow home owners to monitor who is doing what, whether it be their own children or a suspicious man at the door.

Wireless cameras are generally used in some kind of home security system. They have the advantage of being wireless, which makes them easier to move and easier to install. They can even transmit the images they record directly to a home computer. Some systems allow cameras to be monitored by cell phone as well. Other everyday uses of wireless cameras include video monitoring for children's bedrooms or playrooms. Some parents also use small wireless cameras for spying purposes, in order to ensure that there nanny is treating their children properly. These "nanny cams" are often disguised as children's toys or household items such clocks or lamps.

Wireless cameras also make up an important part of security systems. They can be equipped with infrared or night vision capabilities and various lens configurations. These types of cameras are often slightly larger and usually fall into one of three categories: dome, bullet, or c-mount cameras. There are some smaller variations, including the doorbell wireless camera which allows home owners to see who is at the door before answering.

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